Medical Weight Loss

Physician Supervised Weight Loss

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Wellness Solutions has helped hundreds of patients reach their ideal
body weight. Between our six locations, it can be easy and stress-free
for you to get the support you need to lose weight! We want to help
you discover success utilizing the Medical Weight Loss Program!

The Weight Loss Program combines physical activity and FDA
approved appetite suppressants with a diet plan that utilizes proper
nutrition and portion control to give you energy and burn fat. This
unique program is safe, proven, and medically supervised. Through the
support of our physicians, you’ll receive the tools you need to not only
reach your weight loss goals but maintain your healthy new look for life!

Don’t wait to lose weight – get started today and shed those unwanted
pounds once and for all.

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*Supplemental vitamins are not FDA approved

Are You Ready?

Take this 2-minute test to see:

  1. Have you tried diets or weight loss products only to find they do not work or you have put the weight right back on?
  2. Is it important to you to not only lose weight but also feel and look healthier?
  3. Were you once thinner than you are today?
  4. Do you want to lose weight but find it difficult to “stay the course” in order to lose those unwanted pounds?
  5. Do you often wish you had more energy?
  6. Would you like to lose a pound or more a day and at the same time cleanse your body of impurities?
  7. Do you find it harder to lose weight and keep it off than most other people?
  8. Do you often crave carbs and other comfort foods?

If you answered “yes” to 5 or more of the questions, our Medical Weight Loss Program may be right for you.

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