Sports Physicals

Is a new sports season coming up, or are you trying your hand at something new? Kids and teens are often required to have sports physicals before they play for school or in summer leagues, and it is a good idea for adults to have one before they get active.

What’s the Difference Between a Sports Physical and a Regular One?
During a sports physical, the doctor will look at your body as it relates to sports to see whether you’re healthy enough to safely play them. The doctor will go over your vitals, general health, and medical history just like a regular checkup, but he or she will focus on what propels your body during physical activity: your heart, lungs, bones and joints. After the sports physical, the doctor may be able to tell you whether you have any conditions you were not aware of or whether there are certain injuries you are more likely to sustain. In addition, he or she can give you information on how to safely play sports with any injuries you already have. For instance, if you have a bad knee but want to play soccer, the doctor might recommend a certain knee brace or suggest you play a certain position to protect your knee.

How to Prepare For Your Appointment
Before you visit the doctor’s office, it’s a good idea to write down any medications you take, injuries or illnesses you have had, and your family’s health history as best as you can. It is also good to let the doctor know if you’ve ever experienced anything out of the ordinary, such as trouble breathing, dizziness or loss of consciousness. In short, any information you can give to the doctor can help to get a clear picture of your physical health.

Setting Up a Sports Physical
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